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tiistai 30. syyskuuta 2014

Autumn kayaking.

Among all tying and lectures I have had time for some fishing also.After I became a member of Jackson kayak fishing team I sold my other kayak to a friend of mine and we have done some trips together lately.
It has been very nice to see my friend has become a serious kayak angler and I think some big fishes he has landed lately has only increased his interest
We have had some nice time even if the pikes haven't co-operated with us all the time,It's kinda nice to just paddling around enjoying surroundings and testing different flies and lines,taking breaks on small islets including good food etc,etc.

As mentioned our fishing hasn't been good on many trips which is kind of dilemma,nice to paddle around in sunny weather with no wind or rain but for fishing that kind of weather doesn't fit in at all.
Anyway,the Autumn is on it's way neither we want it or not and while the weather and water cooling down also our fishing has turn to be better and better all the time.

It has been quiet noticeable that from morning to afternoon there has been very little action but when afternoon has turned to evening it has been much easier to find active fish and both of us has managed to land some better fishes,especially last weekend in a sunny but very windy conditions we both got  our better sized fishes in a very short time after hours of no action at all.
Gonna end this post with some random fishing shootouts from our trips,
Hope you can get in he feeling what it is to fish from a yak.

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