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torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2014

Last news update.

Since my last update has happen some things,the GoExpo fair was last weekend which "officially" use to open my spring season,was there tying pike flies and meeting friends.

And of course among all this this fair is a good opportunity to see or test some new stuff too.
I had only one thing in mind and that was to get my hands on the new Big Mama rod from Vision and so I did.Cant wait to go out for some serious piking later on.

Happy family here :)

Also got me new Big Daddy fly line in SloMo action,think I got them all now.

As I wrote I tied some flies on the fair and there has been a lot of tying otherwise too and have been shamefully lazy to add them here on my blog but anyway,here's at least some:

And there is a lot more of them which is not photos of,need to update this area more often too...
Finally,I got a photo from a friend living close to were I use to fish and guess what.... I'm able to go out fishing again soon :)

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