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lauantai 15. helmikuuta 2014

C'mon Springtime

Find it very hard to believe that it's only about six weeks since I was fishing,feel ore like six months to me,funny that it feels so fucking long time ago,used to be forced out of fishing for four to five months.
Anyway,I think it's going to be a early spring this year so need to make up some plans for the forthcoming season.
Think I might get out for a pre spawning trip for pike but not necessary,Langinkoski is also worth a one timer with my DH-rod.
Maybe a couple of seatrout trips before pike spawning is over and from that one it's all about pike.
This year I got a normal 28 day vacation and have a plan for that too but more about that later on.

Here am I only talking about fishing but before I'm able to start my pike season there are some things that need to be done,like my Ipilot front engine mounting for example.
Some of you might remember that I bought one last autumn but didn't want to interrupt my season for mounting then so  it's on the schedule before spring fishing,very excited bout this one,think it will take my fishing to new level.

And that's not all,as I mentioned even my kayak needs some maintenance,and a new seat which broke on my last trip in January,so I'm gonna test Wilderness system warranty,and the speed that the ice are melting now I might be in some kind of hurry if I'm gonna solve everything that need to be I'll might be  in some kind of a rush.soon.

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