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perjantai 29. maaliskuuta 2013

Tube solutions and new ties.

I have tied a lot of new flies for this forthcoming season which still seem to be light years away because of -10 degrees night temps.
As you can see most of them is tied on tube.I lost my faith in tubes last season because of so many dropped fishes but have had time this long winter to think of the reasons why´s so.
I have tried different hooks but I have read so many praises of TMC 600sp so I find it hard to believe that I have fished with "wrong" hooks.
Already in middle of last season I started to think of this issue,wondering what could be wrong and slowly my thoughts went to the attachment of the hook.I used to work with Eumer or HMH hard tube in L-size and attached a hook with a soft silicon tube which allowed the hook turn sideways or flat in pikes mouth which in my opinion was the biggest reason of so many dropped fishes.

This was not the only issue,L-sized tube was also kinda narrow for any leaders that I use.It was a real pain in the ass to change a fly with frozen fingers.
It also put some limits of different hooks that I wanted to try.
After some asking around and study I found a solution that satisfied me.

I changed the tube from L-size to XXL-size.Only this solution allow me to use one of my favorite hook,Sakuma Manta.The hook eye fits narrowly Right into that size.

It seem to be a good solution too but for me it wasn´t enough,I wanted to use different hooks and with example both TMC 600 or Partridge Predator hooks this solution would not be possible cause of different size on hook eyes.

This problem was solved With a stiff plastic tube from a company Etola.
Both TMC and Partridge hooks fits narrowly into this and by pulling a Sakuma hook right trough into the XXL tube I think I have enough of different choises.

Now before Season starter I have made all my new tubes with this solution and have added a Stiff tube for the attachment to the old ones,of course I can´t use the Sakuma hooks on the older flies but still got enough options but what´s more important for me is that I have flies in which I believe,that´s make all difference in the world.Can´t wait for some open water.
And of course I got some new ties.


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  1. Hi Johan, very interesting tube flies world. Good article.

  2. I now use gas line hard tubing from RC airplanes. Buy it from the local model car shop. Very cheap and comes in many different colors, they are about 1 meter long for $2 USD. They also have rubber hose that is designed to fit snuggly over the same tube. I put a small chunk on the hard tube to hold the hook in place.