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perjantai 26. huhtikuuta 2013

Ten hours to GO.

Tomorrow I can finally wrote on my FB-status those two magic words that I have waited for in five months and two days:
I had until yesterday some kind of strange feeling,I wasn't excited at all,but after I attached a 550 grain Skagit line with a T 10 sinktip on my Orvis Mach V reel I start to feel the longing and while writing this post everything is packed and ready for tomorrow and I know already there won´t be much of sleep next night,gonna wake up after seven hours at 5 am.

The springtime has taken massive steps forward and I'm living in a hope that before my second trip to Langinkoski,Kymi river at fourth of May I would be able to take a trip with my floating tube after pike.
After fourth of May there will be probably only pikefishing in sight.
But no more writing right now,hoping I'm able to add a photo or video of some silver flanked beauty tomorrow,but got no big hopes,after all it's my first time with a DH rod,first time chasing silver in a river,but who cares,it's the SEASON OPENER.

From now on there will be more fishing raports than fly tying,here is some of my last ties.

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