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torstai 14. maaliskuuta 2013

Grumpy old man´s nagging

I don´t know what the fuck is going on here in Finland,it should be Spring and all that snow should be melting and birds should be singing but instead what do we got ?
Oh fuckin yes,temperatures closing in to -30 degrees and new freezing records for this winter with a top of -38.2 degrees from last night,and sometimes when when temps lying around -10 degrees we gonna have  heavy snowfalls,fuck the cold,fuck the snow and fuck the whole winter,I´m just about having enough now.
Forecasts promising cold weather all week so the F word (means fishing) will be a wet daydream  to me for a while.

Idea box in fly tying has been kinda empty for a while,one fly now and then has made me studying the internet to find some kind of inspiration like the White fly in my latest add.
And finally I found a inspiration source from Youtube in form of a new video with Niklaus Bauer tying a Sheephead fly.
i have tied these sort of flies before but this was a updated version of it and I enjoy sitting behind my vise again,all grumpy thoughts has left my dirty mind and I don´t feel annoyed anymore.
Thank god for the internet word and it´s endless inspiration sources.

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  1. Thanks for these new mounts, the perfect look. I see that winter has gone crazy over there. Patience
    Greetings, David