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lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2013


Exactly the same situation as last year almost exactly at same time.My cosy little tying corner had slowly turned into a place I just flipped instead of relaxing.
All my stuff had changed place from last years spring-clean and I was in a situation when finding anything was impossible,it all has to do with my laziness and total lack of systematics but once again there came the day I just had enough and started to clean up a bit.

Here is a pic of the stuff I had on top of the table :

My idea was to just clean up the table but once I started so don`t continue with al my boxes too,and let me tell you it wasn`t an easy gig.
I sorted up everything I had and it took me several hours before I was ready with this job.

Also found some nice surprises while diggin in all boxes like two #1 Keough capes.

And after about six hours I was a bit drunk but who cares,had my tying materials organized and found a lot of stuff that I had forgot I even owned.

Now it´s funnier to tie flies again when you find all your materials when needed.
Still in need for some new ties before spring.

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