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lauantai 19. tammikuuta 2013

Fly tying,lurebuilding and new stuff

This has been a short winter,really,two months to go before go expo fair.Three months to go before Finnish fly fishing fair,and hopefully we got some open water after that so I could go out testing all that stuff that has been bought or built this winter,have to say that I have built a lot of both lures and flies.
A big challenge has been to learn to tie other flies than for pikes,I mean,even the bigger tubeflies for Seatrouts are very small not to mention the flies for Trouts or Salmon.
Anyway,it has been refreshing to now and then try something new.

Talkin about something new I´ve also built some lures and repaint some old,it has been nice too after a long pause,not that I´m gonna use many of them except the spinner baits.

Anyway,here some lures.

There are many more,should update this blog more often,would probably remember more lures I have built.

And then some flies,not pike flies this time.

These are for Salmon and Sea Trout.Also tied some smaller flies #12 - #16 for trout.

Got also more flies tied up but let´s put them up on next post.
So,that´s lures and flies,still not enough,also bought me two new reels,Orvis Mach V and a Greys GTX 4.Both for 9-11 line class.

Gonna need some lines more for salmon fishing,think I will go for a skagit 510-550 grain with a floating or intermediate tip ?????
For pike fishing I am in a lucky position I don´t necessary need anything to be bought,just some new flies maybe ,got some visions of new patterns.
But salmon flies have to be tied a lot before spring,only issue is I´m really not sure if my flies that is tied will work,would be a disaster if I tie a whole army of flies that don´t work,would be nice to be able to test them,anyway,showed them to a friend who fish for salmon and he said they will,I trust him.

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