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lauantai 26. tammikuuta 2013

More ties in waiting for Spring.

Greetings from a cold snowy southern Finland.Not much to tell you about,just waiting for some warmer weather to get out to practice some casting with my DH-rod,bought me a Matias Drugge DVD Scandinavian fly casting to learn some basics,have watched it over and over and now I´m burning for to do some real test casts but don´t dare to put any pressure on a rod while the temp is about -20 degrees celsius so I have killed some time by tying flies.
Because I have about 2000-3000 pike flies and I decided to some other flyfishing the forthcoming season I have tied mostly flies for salmon and trouts lately because I
don´t got too many.
Seatrout flies is also in my plans later on but with no further bullshit,here´s my latest ties:

Tying hasn´t always been easy,nice to find out at this moment that you have forgot to add a fuckin tail,well,this super bee have to get along without it.

It ain´t bad even without a tail either :)

Bought me some grizzly marabou here the other day and today I finally made something about it,one for salmon and seatrout and even if I got enough pikeflies I had to tie one more,this time on tube.

I have tied some flies now so next investment will be some new fly boxes.

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  1. Hi Johan, fly tying, fly tying, fly tying ...be patient. Great tube flies.