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lauantai 30. heinäkuuta 2016

Tying flies.

Among all fishing there has been some fly tying too and a new favorite has seen the daylight.

New favorite.
This color combo has been outstanding so far,only eight days after it was tied it had five very good fishes on his belt and I have tied this combo more than any so far,four or five I think.
Also tied a normal hollow tie in this color and on my last trip all fifteen pikes was landed with this beast or the normal sized fly of this color combo.

Beast & Normal hollow

Same flies rinsed.
That normal hollow tie was hammered and destroyed by some jacks on it's first trip so need to tie a new one...or better make them two or three at once.

I have mostly tied some "Beast" styled flies With some twists,like a Brad Bohen "Beauford" inspired head which remind me of "Bulkhead" heads.

These flies are not "five minute ties",With my skills it take almost an hour to tie and it's kinda sad that sometimes a fly is destroyed after just couple of fishes.
The Beast with Pink/Black head have last for about twenty pikes already but like always,small fishes destroy flies more often.

Tail part tied.
Fooled by a White/Pink/Black Beast.

Good Bucktail is a must.

Added some "bling bling" between ties.

Gonna end this post with some normal hollows and bulkhead ties which feel so fast and easy to tie after all Beast ties.
Even if I fish mostly with Beasts I definitely want to have some of these in my boxes too.

Orange/White can't go wrong

Love natural colors

Four Beasts,one Bulkhead,one hollow.

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