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torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2016

Summer fishing

Even if the weather has been pretty warm lately and I have not been out fishing too much I must say that my fishing has been surprisingly good,I was yesterday out fishing on a venue I usually fish after a long,long pause and even if the weather was rather hot than warm and no wind in morning I went home with a smile on my face,fishing was good and I was not exhausted paddling against the wind.
Fishes were small but landed about 15 fishes so....

Storm 2016,never forget...

Summer kayaking at it's best

I have studied more carefully a venue I found with one of my team mate from Wildy Fishing Finland last fall and have been happily surprised with both numbers and size.
There's some issues in this venue too,it's a long way to paddle and that's why I have spent some time to explore some places in midway,just in case fishing would be slow in the final destination.
Also water level is low....in fact extremely low so only -15 cm and it's not worth a visit.
Only two kind of winds suits for fishing,otherwise water will be too murky to fish (in summertime)
Biggest issue imo is those big areas covered with reeds and especially lily pads which makes 60 % of this beautiful place unfishable or at least very hard to fish.

Hard to get a clean run...

Well,you might wonder why I have visited that place so often lately...
IF...IF the conditions are right fishing CAN be magical,at least for me,some of you know I like surroundings with challenge like fishing among reeds.....and lily pads :)
Had one awesome day with 36 landed fishes,including some nice ones too.

My face when life taste gooooooooood.

My face after dropping a 120 cm TWICE....
Anyway,vacation continue and I really hope to spend some days on water before I'll have to get back on duty,gonna end this post with some pics of fishes landed on that place,also got some video material waiting for editing but until then,stay tuned.

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