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tiistai 9. helmikuuta 2016

Jackson Kilroy DT is here.

A long wait is over,actually it ended on Saturday already when I went to http://www.erakettu.com/wp/#  to get my new team kayak,a Jackson Kilroy DT.
14.8 ft long and 33 inch wide,a loading capacity of 550 lb total.
Have always been pretty excited when I have picked up a new yak,so even now.

Timo and his dog Austin.

This kayak is so special for me in couple of different ways,this one remind me of my first kayak,a Wilderness system Commander because it's a "sit inside" kayak or a hybrid as I call it.
Jackson kayak former Europe team leader who sadly passed away earlier this year recommended this kayak for me with a sentence "fast as Kraken and stable as BigRig" that sentence made my mind up..
Also Gunnar Ahlström from http://www.pikestrikesweden.com praised it so I feel pretty confident I will like this ship too.
First impression was that that this ship will suit fly fishing very well because of the space in front.

Also the space behind the seat is useful,my crate will suit there with good marginal.

Back in stern you can see a small waterproof stowage,also behind the seat there's a waterproof bag,for small stuff.
This is a tandem kayak which explain the huge space when using it as single kayak which will be the name of the game 99.9% in my use.
As I have learned over the years no kayak is perfect right from the package,always some small adjustments and mountings need to be done so even on this one.
Anchor trolleys,sonar preparedness,camera mounts,one or two rod holders and some decals and this ship will be ready for the forthcoming season.
More updates will follow along the season.

As you maybe noticed I got a new paddle too,a Ophion Gendaj angler,my first premium class paddle which also will be cool to test,I think it got a kick ass look.

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