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tiistai 29. joulukuuta 2015

Grateful for season 2015.

So,have barely overcome the shock how quick our weather can change,took some days of just to get out fishing.Had set my sight to go out on Boxing day but strong winds,16 to 25 m/s made me stay home and as soon as the wind took of we had snow and temps like -11 degrees and forecasts promised cold weather in future too so my season end came very quickly,no time to plan a "season end trip".
Anyway,even if the end always sucks a bit I always try to be grateful of all wonderful moments I have managed to spend out on the water in our beautiful surroundings.

Thinking back from my season opener to the end of it my thoughts inevitably goes back to that one day Oct.24 to be exact when I caught my season best,a 112 cm beautiful ma'm and landed a handful of other very nice fishes too.

Also to discover new venues was now afterward thinking so cool,even if it was a real nightmare sometime to first study maps for a week,then paddle to the venue just to find out it was a total miss,but remember that one trip to a new venue which gave me so many nice memories,five pikes close to 100 cm mark in a row among other things too.

Oh gee,that one 30 min session which ended up with a nice fish.......

The one trip I made with two of my friends,Alex and Basse that one hot summer day trying to find some topwater action among lily pads without a single hit and on our way back it just suddenly happen.

Night fishing with Basse "Thebeis" including barbecue,laughter and of course fishes.
Met many new nice people like Niklaus Bauer at GoExpo in March ??? and was on his tying course in December and got new motivation,inspiration and tying tips.

Fishing camp in June with some of my friends,my brother and some youngsters was also pretty cool.

I could go on and on.....
Even if i blanked only twice this season fishing was sometimes slow but since I started fishing from a kayak some time ago I have started to take a closer look at the surroundings I use to fish from,have started to take more photos.
Good food and decent lunchbreaks can make my day is a notice from this season and believe it or not I have study recepies for quick easy cooking.
Mentioned surroundings and I'm gonna end this post with some photos from this season.too often my trips have been more or less about to catch the fish of my life without noticed surroundings around me.
Not gonna do that anymore,that's my promise for season 2016.

Autumn sunset.

Autumn is so much more than rain and cold.

One of the first spring sessions.

Summer night.

Summer day.

Lunch break view.

Late coffee break out somewhere.

Still going strong.

On a rocky beach.

Slow fishing but still happy.

Clouds arriving.

Night time,right time.

On my way back,had to stop.

Could stare on this sight forever.


Calm surface.

One of those summer days.

Among lilypads.

Some rain and thunder in front.

Beautiful morning.

Beautiful evening.

Wonder if it's gonna start raining...

Red sky.

Like a mirror.

Bye sun,see you tmw.

At campfire.(photo by Anton Saksa)

High water.

Cold but beautiful autumn eve.

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