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torstai 3. syyskuuta 2015

Tying a deciever fly.

I have lately tied different patterns,mostly baitfish pattern which is a awesome pattern especially for summer pikes and actually I have some new plans for synthetics for autumn.

My latest flies have been deciever variants,Which have worked pretty well too.
What I really appreciate with these flies are how easy they are to cast,restricts are imo that to tie a proper deciever you need bucktail of very,very good quality which sometime can be hard to find,also if you don't wanna blend or dye tails by yourself there's a limited colors available.
Anyway,with quality materials you can tie some awesome easy casting flies.
One important thing to remember is to not overdress it.
There are hundreds of videos how to tie different variants of these and I have snapped inspirations and ideas from them but was too lazy to make a video of my version but many people have asked about how I have tied mine so I decided to make an SBS of it.

As a hook I'm using a Partridge universal predator X size 6/0

First thin bundle is tied straight.

Choosing some quality dry hackle feathers.

Tied them two on each side.

Added a strand lateral scale on each side

Time for some marabou

A small bundle added on each side

Three-four mm gap and second bundle of bucktail reverse tied.


Thin layer of flash.

Thin bunches of bucktail.

Also this reverse tied,remember the gap.

Had to add some strands of bucktail to fill the gap.

Second rev.tied bunch ready.

Add some flash.

Last bunch reverse tied.

Almost there.

Wet the fly and leave it upside down until it's dry.

Ready for some rock'n'roll

Different colors.

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