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lauantai 27. kesäkuuta 2015

Fly tying with synthetics

I haven't post much of fly tying recently,mostly because I have fished so much with Wiggle tail flies.
Since I met Mr.Bauer at GoExpo fair earlier this year I started to tie flies suited for those magical tails and had a good spring which has continued so far,I haven't blanked a single time this season so far.
Anyway,I have felt that I want to try something new,first it was smaller flies (like I use to go for in summer) but with same materials and on tube...just like the bigger one I tie.
I can't remember where I saw some beautiful flies made of synthetics and thank's to Mr Chandler from http://www.jerkbaitmania.co.uk I started to tie up some baitfishpatterns of Pike Skinz.
Even if synthetics have never been my favorite material it has become to an important material in my tying now when I learned to handle it a bit and saw some patterns to get some ideas from.

I have start to use these baitfish patterns now when water has warmed up a bit and with Pike Skinz endless color blends I have managed to create flies I have been very happy with.

With or without stripes

Pike Skinz got some awesome colors and if that ain't enough you can blend them by yourself more if you feel to.
Add some flash,add stripes...Start to like synthetics =D
As you can see I also tie these on hooks using Sakuma Manta 545 size 5/0 for summer flies,they are small,15-20 cm and feel I get them faster under surface and with a sink line also deeper than on tubes.

Feel there's so many possibilities still to try.

These flies are quick to tie and often in middle of tying I found myself thinking how to develop this pattern further and one fine day I decided to make a try to add a wiggle tail on these,after couple of failed tries I finally came on with a pretty small fly but with a tail I'm happy with the size,still need to see how it work with a roly poly retrieving FAST.

And that's not enough,found some blades for buzz baits.
Had also some stainless wire so.....why not ? A buzz-fly...

Have no idea how this will work.
My first thought was that if I'm able to get a popper out I will get this too but casting MIGHT be a pain in the ass with that rotating blade,will the whole fly spin in the water ?
Also this was meant for topwater fishing among water lilys,I had a plan to fish next week on a huge area with a lot of reed and water lilys,water there is very murky so poppers and this buzz fly can be the key to success.
I will tell you later on next week....

4 kommenttia:

  1. Hello Johan,
    Did I notice correctly that you didn't use something for the buzzblade to rotate on? I always use a small metal bead like a kind of a ballbearing for the blade to rotate on. This keeps the friction to a minimum so the blade won't rotate the whole fly.
    greetings Jeroen
    from the Netherlands

    1. Hi Jeroen.
      Yeah,I tried with no adds,just to keep the weight low,had a feeling that it should have work without any but I was wrong,had some terrible tangles on my line,tested yesterday with a swivel on my trace wire and it was much better now.
      Thnx for the tip :)

  2. Chris has awesome blends, always very impressed.
    The profile you got on those baitfish is great Johan, Jerkbaitmania dubbin brush on the front? or is it just a built and trimmed profile.

  3. Hi.
    Yeah,really love his blends,these are all built up with "normal" Pike Skinz and trimmed afterward.
    By using dubbing brushes these wud be probably easiest flies to tie ever =D =D