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lauantai 13. kesäkuuta 2015

Fishing camp June 5 -June 7 2015

Sorry for a late post but have so much to before my holiday starts.
My brother started this "camp idea" some years ago meant for youngsters my brother has worked with through years and nowadays I have been taken part in it as often I can.
It has been arranged twice a year,in summer and autumn.

It has been a year since I last took part of this camp and I have good memories from that,we had some awesome fishing that weekend with +120 pikes landed.
At the autumn camp last year I was in Sweden fishing at JKFO 2014 event.

Anyway we started to fish on Friday morning in a sunny but windy weather,actually the wind was very hard,almost so hard it made the fishing tough.
Not gonna go in for details of our fishing,made a small video clip of it.
Saturday started in same weather as Friday,except that later on we got even some rain and at pm we had a wind that made fishing impossible.

Sundays forecasts was unrelieved,wind gusts up to 19 m/s and I decided to travel home on Sat.evening,no need to take any risks.
Think we landed a total amount somewhere between 60 and 70 pikes.Even if the total amount was smaller than I last were here we still had some fun imo,hoping that autumn camp don't cross with JKFO 2015 this year.


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