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sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

New ties.

At the beginning of this winter I felt pretty down but now thinking it over once again it's only two and a half months to my official season starter,the GoExpo fair in Helsinki.And with a bit of luck you can in the end of march go Fishing for seatrout at Lauttasaari in Helsinki that too,and a month after that I maybe be able to start my pike season.
The reason why I'm not in nag mood is all about my new challenge in Salmon fishing,or let's call it training so far.
Have study some videos about both casting and tying.
It has been challenging but funny to learn how to tie salmon patterns,still far from a pro but progressing all the time :))).
Have also bought me some new tying materials mostly for salmon patterns but also found a color of SF-Blend called midnight blizz,and for a ver valuable price too.I had to buy several packages of it.
Also bought me two new reels,Orvis Mach IV # 9-11 and a Greys GTX 4 # 9-11'both also for a very valuable price.
Next on my shopping list is some or at least one line to my bigger reel and I was yesterday to shop Spey Clave in Helsinki and got some advices.It wil most suddenly be a floating Skagit line between 490-550 grain with a 10 or 14 ft,think I will wait for some fair offers here.
Funny thing here is that I havent done anything that was planned but as long as I have time to do the necessary maintenance on my boat it will do.
On todays program top is cleaning my tying corner,think I could ne in need for some more space here.
And then some new ties.

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  1. Hí Johan I really like that table full of material, luck with salmon, over here with the cold has stopped fishing, tying flies that.
    Happy new year

  2. Happy new year to you too David,and tight lines and bended rods too in 2013 :)