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torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

Happy new year 2017

So,It's a new year and time for new tricks.
Winter time has always been a painful time when waiting for open water,so even this year but not as bad as usually for many different reasons.
I have been able to get my hands on so many new very cool quality tying materials which has been one huge inspiration source for some tying.

If I have to name some of the coolest materials my first choice would be Harelines Ripple ice fiber in both UV and "normal" versions,gives a good extra for the fly,especially in the headpart of it.

It really gives the glow on a ordinary decivier.

The UV version of the Ripple ice fiber really pops out.

Think also the ordinary Ripple ice fiber looks good.
Next material I also like very much is Hedron Magnum flash in pearl dyed colors,a very cool addition to the Magnum flash family.
They don't may look like much in package but think it's cool to blend some strands of it with normal colored flash in your flies.I love it.

In my opinion this type of flash is to give more volume to the fly,I have added the blue and/or lavendel color to Holo silver for example,but of course you can use it as "main flash" too
Yellow suits Holo yellow or gold,looks cool in green also,many possibilities imo.

Think you can see it best on the two flies posing with a beer can,

Third cool material which need to mentioned is body material for my pike flies called  Polar reflector flash from Hareline,a chenille/brush..whatever you wanna call it,

I really like this chenille a lot,so soft and easy to wrap around the shank,a new favourite for me.

As you can see on the pic above there's a red hook,a Partridge hook made for Vision ? Called  Big Mama,thinner version is called Big Daddy,Anyway,nice to have options on that front too

Look similar to to Predator and Predator X 

Last but not least I got some shrimp hooks in size 6.Partridge CS 54 which I just had to try to tie on.
It's a long time since I was dragged so far from my comfort zone but...it was fun but still think pike flies are more of my thing.

That's all for now,while waiting for open water it's good time to check out Perch pro 2017.
As a fly guy my sights laying on team Vision/Fly-Dressing Who's actually fish so well that even I feel the raising interest for perch fly fishing.
Soon it's also time for Fly VS Jerk which also is a "must see for me" coming in February.

You can see both competitions here ---> https://www.youtube.com/user/kanalgratisdotse

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