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maanantai 11. marraskuuta 2013

Fishing 9/11 2013

My first plan was to go to Hanko to catch some seatrout and to test out my new Vision Silver rod and same manufacturers Kust line but after series of coincidences I ended up to some familiar places to fish for pike,and also to test a new family member,Airflo 40+ Sniper line for cold water.
Was that late down at the shore I knew I would be able to fish for no more than a couple of hours.
Weather was nearly perfect,small wind,water level was high,cloudy and some rain showers now and then so I was pretty hopeful of some good moments.

My first spot was on a windy side of a islet only 20 meters from the shore.
I started with my new line also using a big Pink/White/Silver tie that worked very well in Kemiö last weekend.

Fished for a while but I was really struggling to keep the fly under the surface.It has to be the line because I had no problems with otherwise the same setup before.
I tried for a time but was a bit annoyed because I wasn't able to stay many hours just testing gear,I also wanted to fish a bit.
After maybe thirty minutes I had enough,The line felt stiff,I knew I wasn't going to catch anything with a fly that acted like a dry fly so I decided to go for my reliable custom line built from a DH shooting head and also wanted to test my new or should I say latest tie I had inspired from my last trip to kemiö.
Believe it or not but I have started to tie synthetics again,and much smaller flies too, maybe 15-18 cm long.

Pink should be the color because of the cold water.
It felt amazing how easily I grabbed five more meters with much less power with this setup and also pikes started to co-operate more now.landed some small buggers in a short time but decided to go to a bay not far away in a attempt to find something bigger.
Stopped on my way there every now and then and made some few casts,landed some fishes here too.
When I arrived to that small bay I was like WTF...Three boats were already there,no need for me to go in there anymore this day,wondering a short time what to do and because the clock was ticking I had no other choice than to start paddling back and fish the same places I just came from.
On my way back I of some reason thought of a bigger very shallow bay I don't use to fish too often and decided,hell,why not give it a try.
There was only max two ft water and in most part of the bay only one ft water which was crystal clear so I did not except anything from here.
But amazingly I grabbed fish after fish and even if they were small I really enjoyed my life here.
Was already on my way back when I saw a small hole in the reed wall and because it was a sheltered place I had my first cast perfectly placed into the bottom of that pot,sloooow retrieving,two second stop and BOOM...It was a powerful strike on that fly and at least a bit better fish on,after a couple of minutes I had the fish behind me and put it into my landing net and put my camera ready for one more in my opinion big fish photo.

What a feeling to end my day like this,well,not quite.Made some casts now and then on my way back,with nothing to mention about.
At least I have to say that even if I'm not able to fish for pike anymore this year I will put my rods in store waitng for springtime with pretty good mood.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hí Johan.
    I like the first photo but it´s a big fly for me.
    What do you think about Airflo 40+ line?
    Is it good for the pikes of the rivers and lakes?
    Greetings ( I was fishing the weekend and very good)

  2. Hi David,
    Too early to say much about Airflo line yet after just couple of hours fishing, it felt a bit stiff even if the water wasn't that cold,it might be better after some use.Still I like most my custom built line with those big +30 cm long flies.Don't get me wrong here,it's not a bad line IMO just need to be more in use.