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maanantai 28. elokuuta 2017

Updated Wiggle wagon

Tying pike flies has suffered a bit due to my increasing interest in Fly fishing for perch which in turn including tying perch flies.
Some people know me as a flash tart and yes....Have to admit I am some kind of dependent of it so one day when I was tying some new perch flies I once again nailed my eyes on one of my flash racks and not for the first time I started to wonder where I could use these bright nice colored  neon and glow in the dark flash from Hedron.

Don't know why but never actually found any use for them although I really like those colors.
After couple of days when  I was just sorting out my flies when I suddenly got an idea,how about doing some kind of a update on the articulated Wiggle/Dragon wagons,long time since I tied them anyway so,yes,I will give it a go.
Picked all basic materials on the table and was a bit surprised how I managed to find everything from my a bit chaotic man cave.

Don't have many pics from tying,got some helping hands (paws) from Hugsy who for some reason tried to ruin my tying.

A pic of the rear hook with first bunch of bucktail is the only pick I took in middle of tying but they are almost similar to these ------>                           ūüĒĽūüĒĽūüĒĽūüĒĽ

Major difference is that instead of Magnum flash I used Hedrons Neon flash and "glow in the dark" flash.
Also head is made a bit different,instead of Ripple ice fiber or Craft fur I used Predator dubbing.

So,there's a final product ,I'm happy with the result and can't wait to introduce it to some big angry Mom's later on.

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