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lauantai 27. lokakuuta 2012


Had high hopes for this weekend,was really looking forward to go out fishing with my floating tube,but the first setback came on Friday morning in form of snow and a temp around -3 to -4 degrees.I could have get along with that but Saturday morning temp -10,6 degrees and snow was too much to handle.
That,including a massive headache made me drop back in bed.
I was lying in bed with big feelings tumblin inside me,none of my thought was positive.Sadness,rage,depression...I just can´t describe...Is it over once again for....at least FUCKIN FIVE !!!!! months now ?

My brother was out fishing from boat and a call to him ensured me my fears,there is ice here and there already.

Lying and staring at my roof...No use to be in bed either,stood up and get to my bedroom window and start to staring again.......

Fuckin shit...it´s October.......Made me some coffee....shift from window to TV and my staring continued.....

Every year the same thing,first weeks without fishing I feel like could kill myself.
I have tried to think out something positive from this but have to admit it´s hard right now,well...our always reliable forecasts promising some warm weather next week,maybe there still hope for a reasonable season end in sight.Have to put my high hopes a bit further to next weekend...

And as a end of this nagging I´ll introduce a new tie...Hope you readers didn´t had a bad day as I....

keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

Preparing for the weekend.

Looking at forecasts now is kinda pain in the ass,next weekend is going to be cold,and it looks like my season will be over soon.
One thing is for sure,My fishing from boat is over for this season which leave me fishing from a float tube,nothing wrong with that,I have not much experience about it but looking forward to take a go in it.
The reason why I´ll have to interrupt my boat season is simply that it needs a massive maintenance and a even bigger repair and a lot of new parts and at least all you boat owners know that it´s very expensive so my decision was to start right now and do things in a long run so it will be in perfect condition when spring season starts.

So now I have woke late nights reading about fishing from a floating tube.
Don´t get me wrong I have fished from a tube but it has always been on warm summer evenings with waders and a T-shirt and of course a life jacket.
This time it will be different,water temps lying around 10 degrees while writing this post but very cold nights for the rest of the week will surely take away couple of degrees before weekend so we talking about totally different conditions and because the season coming to it´s end I wanna enjoy of it as much as possible so some investments was necessary and the most important for me was a immersion suit,have been playing enough now with life jackets and warm clothes so yesterday I became a owner to a Palm Cascade suit and Palm Shoot water shoes.

Only one thing I really wanna buy is a GoPro camera but will see if that happen before next weekend,not so necessary.

Also need to dig all my floating and intermediate lines from their boxes and put them on my reels and spare spools.

So pretty much ready for the weekend,high hopes I have to admit,have also drove around looking for some nice places like this.

Have also some other places in mind if this won´t be as good as it look.

And of course there has been some fly tying too,hopefully this inspiration hold on for the winter too :)

So,not much more at the moment to write about but hopefully there will be something worth telling you about after next weekend,at least there will be a lot of fishing.

sunnuntai 21. lokakuuta 2012

Weekend fishing 20.10 2012 and new ties.

So,the weekend came and went.i was out fishing in very calm wind,warm cloudy weather but one thing that made the biggest challenge was to find "clean" water.
At most of my spots the water was so muddy you could not see the fly from maybe eight inches distance but after some driving around I managed to find a spot with with some clear water,not crystal clear but clear so why not start here,the surface was like a mirror no movement at all the whole nature felt so quiet and calm this morning,I just love mornings like this,even if there´s more challenge to get any fishes but not long before I felt a familiar tug,I knew immediately it was a very small jack at the other end of my line,after 20 seconds I landed a monster of maybe fifteen inches long but the game was on.

I fished with a slow sink line and a fly that swim just under the surface so I saw the fly almost from the beginning of retrieving to the end and after some time just washing the line I saw a small wave separates from the reed closing in to my fly quickly and following it from a inch away,made a loooooooong stop ten feet from the boat,the pike was staring at my fly....a moment that felt like a eternity,a tiny little strip of the line and BANG,there we go,the second for the day.Man I enjoyed,even if even this was small one.

Both fishes was caught with a Pink/chartreuse colored fly tied on a Sakuma Manta 546 6/0 hook.

Something happened after this,many follows but not a single hit.so I decided to let the fishes rest for a while and enjoy a cup of warm coffee and a sandwich.

While I enjoyed my coffee I wondered what to do next,to get the small jacks interested in my flies and thought of a solution to go down in size and chose a small maybe five inches long fly tied also on a Sakuma 546 6/0.

Not a perfect solution,landed one fish more and decided to take a look at the new place I wrote about in my last post.

Drove slowly there,no need to hurry,I was in a good mood.
The water there was like the coffee with milk I just drink,had no big hopes this time at this spot,but decided to give it a try anyway.
If the pikes cant see your fly then make it noticed in other ways,this was a test of my new popper fly I tied just for this place in mind.
Not a big success this either,so I changed it to a gold/green flashfly and after an hours fishing I had landed two more fishes XS sized these also I decided to go for some clear water again and while I was driving in to sheltered bay I saw a well known boat with four also well known fishermen in it.My brother and three friends with him.They have had no luck and landed only one fish at the whole morning,my brother had dropped a big gun just minutes before my arriving.

Anyway,water was clear so far but the wind pushed more and more mud into this bay so without any contacts I decided to give up and try one or two more spots,and not much to tell you about them,landed just one fish at the last place,a small one even this,the biggest issue right now was and still is the battery which is on it´s way to break down,have to see if it has to be fixed before this season is over.In that case there will be more float tube sessions at the end of the season.

And then some new ties here show you,have so much inspiration and ideas now.

and the same fly after swim school,gonna write more about the difference between dry and wet flies.

That´s all for now.Tight lines to all of you who´s gonna go fishing in the middle of the week.

tiistai 16. lokakuuta 2012

Weekend fishing.

Last weekend I got me a reminder of the forthcoming winter in form of a short but heavy snowfall while I was out at sea,it makes me feel a bit melancholy to know that my fishing will be over for at least four months.

To avoid the total nervous breakdown it´s good to dream about some plans bout next season and that´s what I was doing already standing in a rocking boat with blue/red fingers tryin to get my fly out to some decent distance trying to catch some pikes.
Also gave me some thoughts about this seasons fishing and what will be different next year.
But hey,why am I talkin like this will be the last trip for this season? It´s definately not,found out to do something new for me to this season too.

I found out this thing by a mistake,was fishing on my usual spots but the wind was so heavy that I didn´t enjoyed my fishing at all and after my hundered mess on my line I decided to find a calm place to fish even if I don´t get any fishes.

Arrived to a pretty big but calm shaltered bay with very shallow water too,water depth only two to three feet with many "islets" of weed made me feel like I was in some kind of labyrint.
Also noticed that the water temp was warmer here than the other places I had fished today and sonar showed me a temp of 11.5 degrees (celsius).

The weather had made a total change too from this:

To this:

So no need to wonder why I felt good,of some reason I had a good feeling about this place too,many places for the pikes to hide,nice small pockets to cast your fly in.
Cause of the waterdepth I changed my line to a floating model (praise for the cassette reels)and as a fly I decided to use a Sheephead pattern in White/Silver which swimmed just under the surface.
Already after some casts I found evidence that here´s swimming some pikes.
In the middle of retriving the line the surface suddenly exploded in massive cascades when a Pike attacked from nowhere,I almost shitted my pants,before I even understand what happend the fish was gone,FUCK,this is fun,need to be 110% focused here,otherwise there will be no landed fishes today.After some minutes without any hits I decided to lift the anchor and let the boat drift a bit and meanwhile I changed the fly to a Orange/Black with silver tail which delivered with my first cast.
It felt awsome to see your fly coming close to the surface leaving small waves on it and then see the waves coming from some bed of weed closing in to your fly and BANG,even if you see it,know it,s coming the adrenalin kick is amazing.

Fished here for the rest of the day and finally I found the joy I have looking for almost the whole season.This was really fun even without any big guns,of course they would have been welcome but wasn´t the main factor here.

This place was awsome but would have been outstanding to get here with a floating tube.You could not study the whole place with a big boat,didn´t wanted to hit a rock anymore this season.
And some popperflies will be tied before next weekend too.Here´s the first one.

And finally some pics of the wonderful place which I hope will be more examined next weekend.

As you maybe noticed I didn´t mentioned how many Pikes I landed,no,that´s true,it´s because it wasn´t the point,I landed a few,I dropped a few but most important for me,I enjoyed every minute of my fishing.

keskiviikko 10. lokakuuta 2012

Weekend fishing and some ties.

Sorry for not writing earlier about last weekend fishings but there has been lot of things to do so that´s why.
Anway,last Saturday I woke up about 4.30 am as usual,had no plans to go fishing cause my beloved forecast mothafucka promised me some tough wind with flurrys up 19 m/s including heavy rain showers,so that´s the reason I decided to stay at home tying some flies,watch some movies ETC,ETC.

Dragged my ass to the kitchen and while I was start to make some coffee I looked out from the window....WTF...I saw a clearblue sky,sun was shining and looking at the leaves in the tree I also noticed a calm wind....Hell yeah,wanna go fishing.
I´m in a lucky situation because I don´t have to plan my fishing days before,I just go whenever I want to.

So after I had my breakfast I quickly grabbed me some necessary stuff in a bag,put on some warm clothes and went out.I had some mentions to fish from my floating tube but as soon I step out from my door I changeed my plans,it was freezing cold.
Looks like we going for a early winter this year...

Didn´t even remember how much I hate this shit =D.

After som scratchin I finally managed to get drivin and while drivin I still cant be without thinking of our forecasts
Here is a pic of rainy,cloudy and windy day,or a morning to be correct.

As i told you It was meant to be Fishing from a floating tube but there was a last minute plan change,went out with my brothers boat instead in a nice sunny autumn morning feeling just great.At autumn I dont´t bother about the sun or calm wind,the pikes seems to be feeding anyway,so even this morning.

Not many casts before the first one attacked my Black/silver flash fly and a minute later I released the first one.

Landed some fishes now and then,my new flies worked just fine,especilly the black/silver flash was awsome.
My "Rooster" fly was good too,so soft and nice movement in water.

Water temp was between twelve and thirteen degrees and in those temps even different variations in blue starts to deliver decent amounts of pikes,caught some pikes with this one too.

Of some reason I have tied more flies than usually this time of the year,should maybe save some inspiration to later times when we got a ice blanket on the sea,but hoping the inspiration continues.
Here is some of my latest ties.

Also ventured to try totie some of Niklaus Bauers Sheepheads which in my opinion isn´t so easy to tie even if Niklaus make it look like,anyway here is some of them.

There are more of them but don´t have any pics right now.

Finally one that was tied yesterday and have to admit that I´m very pleased with the result,love the shape of the fly,will be tested next weekend.

Sunday was very windy so there was just couple of hours fishing,decided to spend the rest of the day to clean my tying corner,now it will be nice to tie more flies again.

keskiviikko 3. lokakuuta 2012

In front of some changes.

Was last weekend out fishing at my usual spots and like so many days before it was tough fishing.This time a big reason was the water,it was very muddy,you saw the fly no more then one feet.
So after a while we decided to go further out searching for some clear water and after some driving we finally found what we were looking for,clear water and pikes,
not alot of them but at least some now and then.

We fished for a couple of hours and soon we found us at some new places which was nice,nice because our ordinary places has been empty for some times now so in some strange way I like to check out new spots and readers who has been fishing with me know there is a lot of nice places.

Here´s some of the places we fished at last weekend.

And while writing this I have been confirmed of a new deck place for my boat so there will be to study new places more this year already starting next weekend.
Was yesterday checking out the boat place,forgot to take my cam with me but will soon add some pics.

Gee,I fel so excited about this.I have several times study the map and decided to take some trips to them but they have been so far away so never been there but now when I soon will have my boat nearer those spots they will be checked out,have a good feeling about them.

As I wrote,next weekend will be dedicated to brand new spots so there is some excitement in the air.....