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tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2011

Preparing with tubes.

Things have turned a little bit upside down here lately,for not so long ago I was a sworn natural material tyer who tied my flys on hooks and now it´s syntethics on tube.
Once again these were inspirated by Niklaus Bauers flies.
I have to say that I really have a strong trust in these,even if they are syntethics.
Surely I will tie also naturals when I find a pattern I like,most of all I want to tie versatile using different materials.

Anyway I have also slowly but surely decided to start tie more tubes started few days ago and Tomorrow I will travel to Lovisa to test these flies.
Hopefully my rib will not be worse,it´s almost okay now.

The forecast is bad,really bad for fishing: 21-28 degrees with sunshine,3-6 m/s wind but I just have to lay out my lines after a weeks rest with my rib.

sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2011

When inspiration hits.

There wasn´t fishing in this weekends program because of my rib wich is still aching so I have entertain myself by watching Fly VS Jerk parts 1-3.
I have to say that I really like those movies,everytime I watch them I get some ideas or inspiration.Last time I watched part one I saw Niklaus Bauer tying a fly wich was a inspiration to the Regret fly.

This time after I watched all parts I opened http://www.flydressing.se/ and found an interesting fly from their SBS side called S.Farrar baitfish pike and decided to try and was very satisfied with the result.
Easy and fast to tie and good looking,what more could I ask of a fly

And while the bobbin was warm I also tied an order of two flies and dropped them into an mailbox.

I think I will tie some more of these in different colours testing different materials.
I tied these using Body fibre,Congo hair,Flash fibre,Slinky fibre.
I have an vision of using more flash but still remember my last flash flies so I think it might be better to wait a while with my genious visions....

On Flydressing.se site was also a SBS fly called Flash deciver,could it be worth a try ? Hmm......who knows.

perjantai 27. toukokuuta 2011

Trip 27.5 with nag nag

Was this morning 8.15am out flyfishing for pike at Lovisa archipelago.The weather was almost excellent with air temp 8-9 degrees,cloudy and a wind around 5-7 m/s.

Even if the weather was fine and I had four landed fishes I feel pissed of.
You might wonder why,let me tell you:
First of all I´ll propably have to take a break from fishing untill I´ll have my fractured rib fixed,cant go on like this no more.
I fished for six hours and while I drove home I felt that something was wrong.

every curve or hill,even those fucking potholes on road made me gasping for breathe.At one moment I thought that I wont make it but as i wrote some weeks ago:life is hard but so am I,so here I am writing at this blog anyway.(just kidding)
Dont want to go to a doctor this evening waiting for hours among all drunks and drug addicts so it has to wait untill tomorrow.

I tested my Flash regret with sky high expectations but the action in water....
Well it reminded me of a drill,or a nail,I cant understand how I failed so totally.
The flash had no movement at all.I HATE FLASH !!!!!Well,it might,just might be something wrong with the tyer too...Who knows.

Because I was alone and the fishes was sized xs I released them in the water without any photos but I took some photos from the waters where I use to fish.

tiistai 24. toukokuuta 2011

Some tests

Now after a weekends test in real conditions with my Guideline LPXe RS V2 (jesus what a name)and Visions Big Daddy line I have to say I like the combination,it has a faster Action the my GT4 or Hardy Zane rods and it was a little bit difficult at first but after a couple of hours it was a pure pleasure to handle.
I bought this rod with a fast action because in windy conditions I want higher linespeed then I could get with my Vision or Hardy rods but I dont want to go to a class 10 rod yet,feel it´s not necessary.
Planned also a A.Jensen High Tide rod in class 10 but ended up with this.
I was able to test it in windy conditions too and when I got the timing right I could get my biggest flies in reasonable lenghts,think I just need some training with these fast action rods first to give any reliable judgements.
I have a plan to go fishing next weekend IF I get my FRACTURED RIB in condition,
Yes,it is fractured,was to X-ray yesterday.
Anyway,if I´m okay then it will be some testing with different lines,at least with Guideline Pike #9 and RIO Scandinavian Pike also class 9.

The water temp in Lovisa has raised to over 14 degrees and the spawning is over so I think the pikes will soon go to deeper water where I dont trust my Regret-flies anymore so I have to find out something new,Tied two prototype version of a flash-Regret wich also will be tested IF I´m able to fish.

I don´t know why I always tie this same colour,maybe because it deliver most fish in water where I fish,at least the second one isn´t blue/silver wich also has been a reliable combo but hasn´t deliver for some time now,I don´t know why.

These are not going to be part of any beauty contests so the finish is some kind of crippled,I have a feeling there will be a lot of changes before I´m satisfied with this model.
And finally ,almost forgot to show you the fly that delivered the biggest pike and the pearch on last trip.

sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2011

Fishing trip 21-22.5 Lovisa

I was very tired on Friday when I came home from work so I decided to sleep over and go go fishing early on Saturday morning and so I did.
Went first to my cottage and put some heat on and evenly had two cups coffee and then it was time for fishing.
The forecast for the weekend said sunny,3-6 m/s wind and a temp of +17 degrees.
And very surprisingly it was sunny but the wind was around 10-12 m/s and the temp was 12-14 degrees,I just wonder how it is so difficult to a have a correct forecast at least with the wind.

Anyway I went out with my boat and tried to find a place where I could do some flyfishing but I had to start with some spincasting first because of the gusty wind.
Three first spots and nobody home.
Driving to the fourth spot thinking about strangling someone who making those fuckin forecasts.
The fourth spot,a sheltered bay at least delivered some fishes sized xs.
One thing to mentioned was that I fished the three first spots spincasting and started to flyfish on the fourth,got me fishes with two first casts and after one hour I had landed six pikes but the biggest was propably two,maybe two and a half kilos.
That was enough for my Ssaturday fishing.

When I went back to my cottage I was going to fill some gasoline to my boat,I dont know how but I slipped and hit my rib,still don´t know if it´s fractured,But its hurting,guess I´ll have to go to an X-ray tommorow.

I don´t know why I sleep so well always at my cottage but once again I missed my planned sunrise fishing,woke up 8.30 am With a aching rib,pulled of the curtains and saw a sunny morning with a wind propably around 6-8 m/s.
My rib was blue and swollen and every time I took a deep breath it felt like someone pulling a knife in me.

I still decided to try to fish and after breakfast I went to the same sheltered bay where i got all fishes yesterday.
Even with a aching rib I managed to do some flyfishing using my Guideline LPXe rod with a Vision Big daddy int.line.
Yellow/red was the colour for the first 2-3 hours delivered the biggest pike for the weekend 90cm/5.2 kilos AND a Pearch wich I think is my PB with 795 grams.

After that it slowly stopped to deliver so I just had to find a new colour combo and as so many times before the reliable black/silver got me back in buisness with at least 6-7 pikes,the size wasn´t big but felt good anyway,I even forgot my aching rib.

Took me one fish to dinner all the other was c&r.
Even if I almost forgot my rib while I was fishing it surely got back in my mind when it was time to get my boat back on the trailer,I can guarantee it´s a painful thing to do with a fractured rib.
Life is hard but so am I :)

torstai 19. toukokuuta 2011

Beauty and beast

Bought me a Big Daddy sink line today so this weekend I will be fishing and fishing and maybe I will be fishing too.You might wonder why I am so excited about just this weekend,well,it´s because I also bought me a beauty and a beast in same package and it is a Guideline LPXe RS V2 9 feet class 9 rod.
The white colour looks awsome and I can´t describe the power in this rod.

It feels....cant find words but it´s awsome,it got a fast action so need to be carefull with the timing in double hauls but when you got the timing right then.....

The Big Daddy line fits to this rod like a nose to a head what a wonderful combination,still gonna test my Guideline Pike line also.

Well,now when I have praised something it´s time to critcize something.
I wrote about the angry pike around 3 kg:s witch raped my fly,broke a lock and almost cut my kevlar wire,I examined the fly today a little bit better and found out that the fish not only raped my fly,it also bended the hook,don´t know how,had the same hook (Fulling Mill Scorpio 5/0 )with the other fishes i got and they don´t have any damage at all so I will propably go on with tying on these hooks in future.

Have surprisingly been busy at work so there hasn´t been much fly tying this week but here is at least one Regret in olive/red colour combo wich has delivered some +100cm fishes,hopefully it will work for me too.

maanantai 16. toukokuuta 2011

Two trips.

Sorry for not posting anything for a while,I have been very busy at work BUT I also took time for some shorter trips.
last Tuesday 10.5 I was for a 4 hours trip to Lovisa archipelago in sunny and almost windfree conditions,not the perfect weather for fishing but I decided to try anyway.

Not much to tell you about I´m afraid,after four hours fishing the result was three small fishes,the biggest was around 1 kg,maybe 1.5 kg:s.
Anyway it was relaxing anyway even if I got my first sunburn for the year,my nose and cheeks and even my forehead had a new nice red colour when I arrived home.

Once again I tested every Regret-fly from my box.

I fished the whole trip with my Vision GT4 rod+Vision Big Daddy int.line,I really like this combination,so easy and smooth to throw those big flies,gonna buy also the sink version.

Last weekend I planned to spent on my cottage but was so tired on Friday so I decided to have a good sleep between Friday and Saturday night so I went away on Saturday morning.
While I was driving to Lovisa I was a little bit worried about the wind.
the forecast talked about a windspeed round 17 m/s and I was very surprised that for once they where right.
After some difficulties I finally arrived to the islet but to go fishing...no fuckin way !!!
For the first time I was scared in my new boat in those weather conditions.
Well,it felt hard to just waiting for the wind to calm down,there was nothing I could do so I examined my fishing equipments and just rested and relaxed with sauna and a couple of beers.

Late on the Saturday evening the wind started to calm down and on Sunday morning at 6.30am when I woke up the wind was tolerable for some fishing and after my morning coffee I was at 8.00am at my first spot washing my lines and flies.
I don´t know if it was because of the yesterdays wind or what but after 4 hours fishing the result was just one hit witch I couldn´t land but I felt relaxed so my weekend was succesfull anyway and I will deffinately do some short trips after work later this week now when I dont have to launch my boat every time I want to go fishing.

I have also tied some flies and while I was fishing I got an idea of a new colour combo to my Regret pattern.

Finally a photo of the sea when the wind has started to calm down.

sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Fly tying.

Even if the season is on I´m still tying flies now and then,especially when I get my hands on some new materials,like my latest acquisition called Body fibre.
It´s a syntethic material witch texture is somewhere between Slinky fibre and Mirror image.
I first felt that it was more difficult to tie because it is much softer then Slinky but after some training flies I managed to tie one decent fly and this one will be tested on Monday evening.

Also need to tie a new black Regret-fly,noticed that the lock and wire wasn´t the only part that broke with my 2.7kg:s pike,even the shank of the hook was bended.
It was a strong fish but to bend the shank of the hook(Fulling Mill)Unbelievable.

lauantai 7. toukokuuta 2011

Third time lucky

Today was my second trip after the season opener,I was on a couple hours trip last Wednesday but it was a stylish blank draw as the opener.
I woke up early this morning and was at 8.00am on the first spot.
It was a beautiful morning with sunshine and a small wind round 3-4 m/s,the air temp was 8-9 degrees,I don´t know about the water temp but it was cold.
I don´t know why but I wasn´t concerned about the sunshine at all,in fact I felt very optimistic about this trip.
I had only two boxes with flies with me:one box with Replot stingers and a box with Regret flies.
For the rod i had chosed my Vision GT4 SW with my new Big Daddy int.line.Don´t wanna bring so much stuff with me for a day trip.Well...I could have some use for a floating line too....

I heard noise from the bed of reeds so I think the spawning was still on but I´ve also noticed that small fishes "jumped "on the surface now and then so there might been some hungry predators too,Now it was time to put my Regret flies in a real test.

I fished for an hour or so enjoying the sunshine and I have to say that the new Vision line is absolutely fantastic,my Regret flies are big and wind resistance but you can get them 20-25 meters out with ease so I really enjoyed my fishing.
Suddenly 10-15 meters away from me I saw many small blank fishes came up to the surface and jumped around like they were escaping for something,a quick throw where they jumped and there was my first hit but I couldn´t land it,a new throw and BANG I´ve got it.Unfortunately the hook broke it´s gill and it was bleeding so heavy so I couldn´t release it anymore so I´m going to eat some fish today and tomorrow,the weight of the fish was 3,2(3,19)kilos.

Well,the monkey was of my back so now it was time for a coffeebreak.
While I was enjoying my coffee I heard some splashing here and there,not only inside the reed so at least some of those Pikes had finished their spawning.

Time for the second round,I fished for a while when I felt someone attacked my fly hard and determinedly,this one fighted much harder then the first one but after a couple of minutes it had been inside the boat for a photo and some specs and finally been released.2.7 kg/70cm was the specs.

This one totally raped my fly so I decided to change it and was very lucky to do so because the lock was broken and also my Optima kevlar wire looked pretty bad.

Wonder what would have happen IF there has been a +8kg fish,this was only 2.7kg.
These were the new locks that I decided to test belong my reliable Berkley´s snap locks,well this test ended right now !!!

After I changed the whole leader I decided to change to spot number two but there was already a boat and number three didn´t deliver anything so I came back to my first place and decided to spend the rest of the day here.

I fished for some time without any hits,just testing my Regret flies and even if they are my own I just have to praise them a little,the look simply awsome in the water,I feel much more comfortable to fish with flies in wich you have some trust.

I was just testing my flies when suddenly A train swallowed my fly and took it away 25-35 meters away from me.I felt that this one is big,really big.
The train swimmed to left,then to right,away from me,at me,there was nothing I could do,and when it swimmed under the boat I was sure my rod will break.
My rod has never been so bended before,just when it started to have some noise from the seams i just had to ease the pressure on the fish and that relaxed the fish also a bit.
It took at least 6-7 minutes before i even had an eye contact with the fish and under the fight I had a dream of a +10 kg:s,well,I have to admit it was a small disappointment when I saw the fish first time,+10...no,not even close,maybe 4kg:s.

At this stage my opponent was ready to surrender.
The weight,length and a photo and finally back were it belongs.
Weight was 4,84 kg:s,length 86 cm:s and the photo:

The photo looks like shit because I was alone,hard to take some nice photos of your catch if you got the fish in one hand and the camera in the other.
Tomorrow I gotta go to work but perhaps on Monday evening you find me again doing some pike teasing.....

tiistai 3. toukokuuta 2011

Little bit of this and that

Haven´t felt so relaxed in many months than I feel right now,the reason is that I was able to fish last weekend and I´m going to do the same thing tomorrow.

Me and my brothers are going to launch a smaller boat at Lovisa tomorrow and that boat will stay in water untill autumn,it also allow me to do some small trips even after work.
It will be much easier now to do some "ex tempore" trips when the weather is fine or if you just feel to go fishing for a couple of hours after work when there is a boat ready waiting in the water.
Last season I always had to wait for the weekend exept my vacation when I spent three weeks at my cottage.

Trained yesterday with Water silk and Congo hair and slowly but surely I learn to use these materials too.
Here´s one with a stomach of water silk and the back is Congo hair blended with Slinky fibre.

Ordered some new material from Nordic angler called body fibre,it should be like Slinky but in a length of 35cm,sounds interesting.

Well what more cuold I tell you ? Yes,I decided to build a wire for bait fishing and I took my tools and start working,bought me a plier a couple of weeks ago,they were cheap.....and I could also call them useless shit.

And finally some Pics from last weekend,my daughter had a camera with her wich I didn´t knew anything about.

In the the last photo you can see the sun is shining but under that dark cloud it rained heavily.

sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2011

Season opener 2011

So finally after five long months I´ve got my season opened 30.4.
Not much to tell you about I´m afraid.I went to my cottage on Saturday morning and turned on some heat to get the house warm and dry.The winter was still there with some ice on the shore and even if the sun was shining the conditions were freezy.Just when I was gathered my rods it started to snow,after a while it turned into a massive hail.
It lasted for an hour or so and ended when the ground was totally white.

For a couple of weeks ago I promised that I´m gonna open my season even if it rains nails and so I did.
The sonar showed 7-9 degrees (celsius)water.temp,dont know the air.temp.
Some wind,maybe 6 m/s or so.
Had also read some reports that the spawning is on so I had not a single thought about getting any fish.

When I came to the first place I heard some noise in a bed of reed and yes,the spawning had started.Even if the water was muddy I saw several pikes close to each other propably having some fun.
I didn´t want to disturb them so I decided not to fish,instead I could take a photo of them,IF I had camera with me,oh fucking yes,I´ve forgot my camera at the cottage.

Left the first place without any kind of fishing and while driving to the second spot the wind started to blow harder and harder and of course a heavy rain should be included,fished for an hour without any contact with any kind of fish.

The wind was tricky,blowing from my right side and after the fly hit my neck for the second time I decide to stop before something worse happend.

I woke up 6.30am this morning and the temp was 0 degrees with a wind about 10-11 m/s so I decided to wait for some time to see in witch direction the weather conditions should change,and they turned worse.

I tried to fish from the shore but the wind was so hard that I didn´t enjoy my fishing at all (too much work to get the fly out)so I decided to stop.

You might get the opinion that everything went wrong on my opener but I feel very relaxed after this weekend,I didn´t had any expectations so I´m not disappointed at all.
Will propably do some shorter trips next week,hopefully the spawning is over next weekend,if it´s so I hope to get the monkey of my back then........