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lauantai 25. helmikuuta 2012

Tying for the season opener.

This week has been a living nightmare at work with removing all snow from the streets and add some sand to prevent some slippery,haven´t been much more than working and sleeping. Well some tying but just a couple of flies and like every year it seems to be kind of panic to have enough tubes before springtime and a long awaited season opener. As I wrote in my last post I waited for a parcel to arrive from Poland and To be honest I was a little bit suspicious of the whole case but parcel arrived and the material was good quality and now I have many different colors in stock of this wonderful material.
As I said,not much of tying but here´s two.The second is inspirated from Nils Master 03 color,and even if silver/black was outstanding last season I landed many pikes with this kind of colors too.
And the 03:
Watched the newest Fly VS Jerk 4 Niklaus Bauer against Claes svartzonker here the other day and now I have to admit that it really burn inside me to go fishing,but still have to wait for about 6-8 weeks and still need to get a maintenance on my boat,Clean all my lines,tie a lot of tubes,make some leaders to them ETC,ETC and if I will be busy like this week at work the forthcoming two months will be over sooner that I even wanted :)

lauantai 18. helmikuuta 2012

Mission tying corner

Everyone who knows me can surely say that two words,me and systematic doesn´t fit in same sentence.All of you who read this blog regularly has probably noticed that I now and then has started with different kind of cleaning or organization of my tying corner but always failed because of different reasons. Today I started to tie a fly but after I found it almost impossible to find anything from my table I suddenly just had enough. Jumped into my car and drove to a store and bought me some stuff that I thought I could use in Mission tying corner. Not much to tell about,it took me 11 hours to clean up all the mess that I started a long time ago. Here is some photos: First some pics from were I started:
I started my mission by clearing the table and then attach my "flyboard" on the wall.
Then it was time for some couple of shelves witch I bought today.This house is built in early 40´s so it was a little bit tricky because the walls was not so straight that I was hoping for but....I think they look okay :)
And this was followed by the hardest part of this mission,to sort out different materials in different boxes witch I also bought today.It took me more than a hour but finally I overcome even this part,while I was sorting I decided to change my "flyboard" to "flashboard" instead so I dont have to dig in boxes for them. Now...finally I´m ready.11.20 pm and once again I will go to sleep without some fly tying first but here´s the result of some organizing and I have to say that next time my fly tying will be much more fun.

lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2012

Some tying and casting

Has been a quiet moment at work so I have had time to practice my casting skills and of course do some tying too.As I told you in my last post I found a nice pattern to tie (Tobbe Hedins fly)but the last one failed totally.My first mistake was that I forgot to add a second hackle (don´t even ask how I managed to do that :)). My second mistake was the head of the fly.I know that My Muddler heads could be good looking by some practicing but it feels a bit stupid to do a lot of work and spend a lot of material first and then ruin the whole fly with a head that´s look like doggy doo. I promised some photos too and here they are including THE head :)
On the fly in my last post I added straight away some Icelandic sheep but on this one I added first a bunch of Artic Fox 2XL to get a little bigger profile
Looking good so far..Isn´t it :).But here you can clearly see my mistake :/
And then the head that ruined this fly totally.Still decided to put the photo here on my blog so you can see that it isn´t easy all the time :)
Well,after I saw this photo I decided to Find an other solution for head,still don´t know how it will be looking in future,here is one proposal:
Also noticed that it seem to be hard to find Icelandic Sheep here in Finland,very few colors,after some study at internet I found a store in Poland Taimen.com and now I´m waiting for a parcel to arrive so I can tie some more of this pattern,also have some time to solve the head problem,meanwhile....
Have also practicing my casting skills in windy conditions with my brother using big flies with a lot of wind resistance and have to say that for me it feeling better and even my brother can get a fly out for about 15 meters now when he know the basics of double hauling.

sunnuntai 5. helmikuuta 2012


So now our thin snow blanket has turned to 60 cm thick and has covered whole Finland.We had a very heavy snowfall here the other day witch messed up the traffic here in southern parts of Finland,over 300 accidents in one day and I´m talkin about just around Helsinki. But now it´s seem to be time for the other mess with winter,it´s cold,and not just cold,it´s COLD !!! and while I was at work this Sunday morning I tried to figure out What do I hate most in winter,the cold or the snowfalls...Don´t know,both of them is not very high on my wishlist anyway.-36 degrees Celsius 04.00 AM at home and 8.35 AM -35 in Helsinki when I went home.
Well that´s all about weather complains,the Spring will be knockin on my door sooner or later. Have done some fly tying now and then when I haven´t been busy at work (witch I have been a lot). This one is a pattern I have tied for a while as you can see in my earlier posts and if someone doesn´t know yet it´s inspirated of Niklaus Bauers Sheephead-fly from flydressing.se
Tested it in my bath and I liked what I saw,hopefully the more important judges feel the same way. And this pattern is something I really like,it´s also inspired from the flydressing.se site and is tied by Tobbe Hedin and it´s called Ezza long hair. This is originally a Seatrout/Salmon fly but I changed some materials and made it bigger so I can call it a pure Pikefly :) It´s not the easiest fly to tie but still I´m gonna some more of these.
There is a lot of job in this fly that you cant see on this photo,I will take some more photos of the next one in middle of tying too but not some SBS shootout,if you want that there is a tying movie on flydressing.se site. Materials I´ve changed: Artic Fox ---> Icelandic Sheep. Schlappen ---> Marabou. Also left out those rubber legs simply because I don´t have any and also used different flash.otherway is tied pretty much the same way like in that movie. It´s not looks as good as Tobbes tying (not even close)But I´m satisfied with it anyway and this was my first attempt so..... :)At least I need some practicing with those Muddler heads.