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maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2011

Photo slideshow.

Hi there,just tested my Windows Moviemaker ---->   Feelings   Enjoy.

sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2011

Packing and longing for fishing.

Just read a nice news from a newspaper,a warm autumn will continue witch suits me just fine right now because I will still be busy with my job and packing before I will be able to move to Sipoo. Just hoping that this forecast is correct,very hard to belive them after so many disappointments. I cant describe how much I longing for to get out at sea and lay out some line but I just have to get this removal done first,feeling a little bit confused because I have to be prepared that there might not be any fishing this year,it´s all depending on the weather. Anyway,some good things with this removal,now when my fly-tying stuff is all packed away I suddenly get ideas after ideas to create something new like for example this: While I was packing I found my older daughters old cheerleading equipments including these....dont know the name of these but for all you fly tiers the idea should be clear ;)
The material is some kind of plastic and there is material for hundred of flies. One of my biggest aim for the long cold winter is to get those module flies to the next level ETC,ETC.... My official move-out day is December 1:st so until then there will not be any fly tying at all but I really hope for a couple of fishing sessions before the ice taking over the sea.

tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2011

Always busy......

A little bit late with this posting but have surprisingly been busy.....busy with what ? You will have the answer but first about my Sunday trip to Lovisa Archipelago with my godson. We were out at the first spot at 8.30 am and the weather was cold but sunny and almost calm so my skyhigh expectations sinked down to bottom in a minute. I felt and still feel pissed of with those forecasts,I´m just asking HOW IN HELL CAN THEY DO A FUCKIN FORECAST FOR THE NEXT SUMMER WHEN THEY STRUGGLING TO DO IT FOR THE NEXT DAY ???? Saturdays forecast promised a cloudy day added with some rain showers which mean a good weather for pikehunt,instead I see a sun shining from a blue sky without a single cloud anywhere.... SHIT !!!! We fished for hours without a single contact with any fish before my godson landed his first,he landed his second......third.........It must have been the worst trip for me for a long time and there isn´t much to tell you about it.We went home about 3 pm and I had ONE !!!! fish landed,my godson had 5 or 6,not too many he neither... So,as I told you earlier in this post I have been busy,busy with work AND........moving....Now its reality,I will be moving away from this noisy city to country to a village called Nikkilä in Sipoo.It´s a small place 35-40 km:s to east from Helsinki. Have to say I feel very happy with it but at the other hand it feels a little bit sad to think there might not be any fishing this year but I will survive that.I´m really lookin forward to move. One thing for sure is that there will not be any fly tying before I have moved in to my new place. Here is some pics from my tying corner.
And my flash board (sniiif...)
And now when we talk about being busy with both job and packing so let me introduce you my new "office" where I spend many hours every day :)
I call it my ant because of the size and the funny mirrors.

maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2011

Fishing 9.10 2011 and some tying

I was at work on Saturday and no hard feelings about that,tough wind with heavy rain so there would not have been any fishing anyway,tied some flies after work. Nordic Angler send me some hooks to test so I tied some flies on them and while I tied I made a decision to fish on Sunday,no matter what.Noticed that I didn`t took a photo of all flies I tied but here is some of them.
And finally one hell of a fly....Got the inspiration from Lonesome piker Stefaan Lonesome tom,god it has a nice movement in water.
Well...had a good sleep and went out on water at 11.00 am and the weather was a complete contrast to the day before,2-4 m/s wind from FUCKIN NORTH !!!! added with a nice sunshine from a clear blue sky. It was a nice autumn weather and I drove around with my boat watching for some nice places were I could find some fish God I just love our beautiful archipelago at autumn,not much to tell you about fishing I`m afraid,had only four small pikes landed in six hours,one broken fly reel and one broken spin rod,still I enjoyed my trip even if it was a short one AND maybe the last one for this season....yes that`s right,as you might understand I hate to live in the city and have now find me a nice place out in the country and I have a buyer for my city apartment and have made an offer for the new place sooooo....We will see whats gonna happen in the next few weeks.. Anyway...I want to share some photos of my new "Autumn hot spots" They look so beautifully wild and rough this time at year.
That´s all for now folks,have little mixed up feelings right now,hoping to get out at sea soon but who knows......

maanantai 3. lokakuuta 2011

Fishing fishing....

Even if there hasn´t been too many posts I have been fishing a lot but there hasn´t been much to tell you about except a lot of pikes sized XS in fact very small but last weekend I was two days at my cottage and of course I fished much. On Saturday I went out at 7.00 am in a wind blowing between 10-15 m/s so I decided to leave my flyfishing equipments on the beach. Wind from north,water level - 30 cm,not too promising and man it really was tough weather conditions. I haven´t fish with jerkbaits for a while and it took me a while before I had them to swim the way I wanted to. The funniest thing was that I tried with Buster jerks,Manta jerks,Hellhounds and everything but I had most landed fishes with my homemade baits .
On Sunday my alarm clock woke me up at 5.10 am and after a can of coffee and some sandwiches I vent for my brother at 6.30 am and now there wasn´t wind at all but it was cold and foggy. Today I started with flies and my brother with jerkbaits. I don´t know why but the pikes kept their mouths closed for a long while.It took us over an hour before the first fish was in the boat,I have to say that for me it feels so much better to get a fish with fly than a jerkbait,I cant explain why. Anyway about 12 o clock we decided to take a break including coffee and sandwiches and also took some time to make some plans for the rest of the day. for the afternoon we had some wind again +10 m/s ??? so I had to once again leave my fly fishing equipments. Because it was windy and cold we decided to just check out some new places without any pressure.Now and then we had some fishes until it was time to go home. I dont know why but of some reason I have not been too active in fly tying lately,looking for some inspiration. Have tied those Rudolphs lately and they delivered some fishes but I dont know.....something missing.